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Energy Technologies

We help to conserve resources for tomorrow, today.

We fully understand and appreciate that agriculture presents a large opportunity to limit global warming, water pollution and wildlife extinction. That’s why we use innovative technologies to design and build facilities for the commercial production of plants. These technologies not only use energy more efficiently, but even recycle CO2 emissions by feeding it back to the plants, which return it to us as our life supporting gas, O2.


Controlling humidity levels in any greenhouse environment can be a struggle. And its potential impact on plant quality and energy expense cannot be overlooked. By drawing in humid air and releasing it as warm, dry air, Agam Greenhouse Energy Solutions Ltd’s revolutionary VLHC technology not only precisely controls humidity but is the single largest carbon footprint reducing technology in all of horticulture. In addition to reducing heating expenses 45-70%, this technology eliminates mold, mildew and airborne pathogens as well as the need for fungicides. The core VLHC technology addresses the latent load (water vapor) in a cost effective way. When night cooling is also required, the VLHC has the flexibility to be coupled with chilled water. The combination leads to unsurpassed efficiency.

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Power Solutions/Cogeneration

Intensive, year-round plant cultivation facilities generally require a consistent supply of PAR light. However, delivering high quantities of light with horticultural lamps is energy intensive and electrical capacity is frequently limited. ECS has partnered with world leaders in cogeneration to supply compact, packaged, horticultural cogeneration solutions that take much of the risk, cost and time to operation out of creating power solutions on site from components.
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Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Plants perform at their peak when conditions are best suited to their genetics: Light needs to be sufficiently available, temperature ranges need to support growth while limiting stress, and humidity levels need to let plants freely transpire, but not so much that the water supply from their roots is limited. If even one of these variables is missing, or slightly off, yields can be damaged or even lost. ECS has partnered with best-in-class manufacturers of greenhouse heating systems, agricultural ventilation and evaporative cooling systems, and high efficiency cooling systems to deliver integrated systems designed with the capacity to supply the necessary loads in a uniform manner so that all plants can grow equally.
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Retractable Energy Screens/Curtains

Greenhouses are designed for high light transmission and ventilated to limit overheating. Frequently, the light transmission needs to be altered to modulate or eliminate incoming solar radiation. Insulating high light transmitting glazings at night is always attractive. Using a retractable curtain system outfitted with high performing, long lasting horticultural technical textiles is recommended whether your need is insulation, shading for cooling, or blackout for short day creation. We have taken considerable care to select BonarAgro to provide the most durable, highest air flow, and darkest, flame-retardant fabrics we could find.

Insulating/Energy Saving
High light transmitting roof coverings also tend to transmit heat readily at night. Covering your crop at night with an energy saving screen or combination energy/shade screen slows the rate at which heat is lost from the canopy, helping to avoid condensation on the foliage/flowers and the associated fungal disease.

Greenhouses overheat during the day, even in winter. Shading with a retractable curtain system is a way to quickly limit the amount of incoming solar radiation. Our reflective screens/curtains have an open weave construction that allows 40% more airflow than other products for a given shade level that deliver lower air, crop and occupant temperatures.

Several commercial horticulture crops can be artificially induced to flower by simulating short days. That’s why we searched tirelessly to find the darkest, flame-retardant fabrics we could find as well as a mechanical system that includes a sealing feature that met our highest of standards.

Our specialized installation – that goes far beyond the traditional process – ensures our screen/curtains/blackouts have a tighter, more stable fit. We have selected a mechanical system supplier that includes a sealing feature that maximizes insulating effectiveness and provides total blackout. Carbon emissions are reduced by using energy and blackout screens/curtains and grants/rebates/subsidies are often available to offset investments.

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Lighting technologies for plant cultivation are rapidly improving. Important issues are fixture efficiency in the PAR range, canopy capture, and waste heat generation. Lemnis Oreon has developed a fixture that uses the highest efficiency LEDs arranged in a high intensity fixture designed with a continuous canopy and the cultivation environment in mind.  Without reliability issues of fans or the shadow created by large passive heat sinks, the 585W fixture delivers the same intensity as a 1000W HPS fixture with the ability to translate 300W of thermal energy via water cooling outside of the lamp region where it can be either better utilized for heating in greenhouses, or avoided as an air cooling load with indoor applications.
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Odor Control

Agricultural odors are not your typical industrial odors. In addition, cultivation facilities are unique in terms of the source of odorant and the nature of the emission. ECS understands the science (and concerns) behind these odors and has partnered with FogCo to provide effective, as well as economical, solutions to alleviate any potential issues and complaints.
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Outdoor Retractable Blackout

Outdoor production takes advantage of the best mother nature has to offer. However, this means only producing one crop each growing season. Our outdoor retractable blackout structure allows you to produce multiple flowering crops in a single season or even hit your market window by inducing your short day varieties. The blackout system is cost effective relative to a controlled environment greenhouse and offers frost protection and shading when the climate is a little too extreme.
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