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We don’t just provide the roadmap. We provide the guides.

With 80+ combined years of experience in horticulture, horticulture engineering and horticulture facilities construction, we can tackle each project with a specialized efficiency unheard of in our industry. Meet the team.

Idan Berman

Director of Field Services

Core responsibilities: Personnel and project management of all external activities: construction, installations, technical support and maintenance.
Background: Born into the technical aspects of horticulture, he has irrigation in his DNA. In fact, he’s the son of one of Netafim’s founders.
Battle tested leadership: Officer in Israeli military.
Experience: 28 years in drip irrigation, open field and greenhouse cultivation with 15 of those as greenhouse builder and agricultural project management in the US and on large, remote projects in Israel, Greece, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tanzania and Kenya.


Joshua Burbridge

Director of Customer Service

Core responsibilities: Order fulfillment and Traffic: import/export, shipping & receiving. Inside sales.
Background: A self-proclaimed urban gentleman farmer, Josh is a Midwest native with a passion for natural living.
Leadership: Son of a minister, Joshua has the calm demeanor necessary to manage the busy hub of Envirotech.
Experience: 20+ diverse years of experience throughout the full spectrum of the healthy/organic food supply chain from cultivation, food processing and retailing.


Adam Johnstone

Director of Cultivation Services

Core responsibilities: Design and implementation of cultivation systems.
Background: West Coast native with a deep respect for plants, Adam has a global history: Oregon, California, Israel, Bolivia. Having studied at Humboldt State University, Adam learned the art of cultivation with organic and conventional methodologies and has gained a particular expertise in the cultivation of cannabis.
Leadership: Son of educators, Adam is a lifelong learner with a willingness to teach clients some of his vast farming knowledge.
Experience: 16 years designing and commissioning indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor medical cannabis facilities. Expert in biodynamic, hydroponic, and organic growing techniques.


Kurt Parbst

Director of Business Development

Core responsibilities: Sales and Marketing of core technologies.
Background: Biological & Agricultural engineering with an interest in working with technologies that help produce food while conserving resources. MS thesis was focused on agricultural odor control technologies.
Leadership: Managed the team building – and growth of – the US subsidiary of a leading global brand in commercial horticulture.
Experience: 18 years experience designing and specifying environmental control equipment for commercial horticulture facilities.


Zev Ilovitz


Core responsibilities: Bringing new business to ECS while cultivating relationships throughout the industry.
Background: Entrepreneur with sales and business development experience.
Leadership: A natural communicator with a gift for easy engagement and motivation, Zev is known for inspiring his co-workers and clients. Zev is also active with national lobbying efforts of NCIA.
Experience: Nearly a decade of experience selling greenhouses and cultivation equipment.